Scam Lines And Emails: Spotting The Fakes.

Recently, there has been a major spike in the amount of received phone calls and emails from scammers. Although, many people fall victim to these  con artists each year, there are a number of ways to notice the very obvious difference between a real business call and a scam line or email. Whether the notification … Continue reading Scam Lines And Emails: Spotting The Fakes.


Writing Is Art?

A very dear friend told me that writing is not art, especially when it is done by typing rather than with pencil and paper. Although I totally understand her point of view and respect her opinion, I have to wholeheartedly disagree. Her thoughts were that writing is not a long, literally drawn out process, not … Continue reading Writing Is Art?

Favorites Endangered?

Endangered Species List: Chocolate? And Bananas? Tropical Locations fro Panama Disease as well as other funguses. Tropical Plants: When you hear about endangered species, generally, most people think of wild animals in the oceans, deep jungles and tropical rain forests. Apparently there is no un-written rule about what can or can not be endangered or … Continue reading Favorites Endangered?

What’s Driving The Natural Disaster Outbreak of 2017? 

By: Amy Lynn Raines Good Weather Bad Weather: What's The Difference?   There have been so many natural disasters this year that it is almost unreal. From the hurricanes that are in multiple areas of the oceans to earthquakes in various places.  Could this be caused by the La Niña on its way out or … Continue reading What’s Driving The Natural Disaster Outbreak of 2017?